The Watch and MonoCLE

The Premiere Event for the Gentleman

October 19th | 5pm-9pm | Skidmark Garage


Beautifully Carnal

Gentleman gent-le-man /jent(t)lmen/ . Noun

a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man

What is "The Watch and MonoCLE"

"The Watch and MonoCLE", is an event designed to be the showcase for male health, fashion, culinary, and decor. Enter this event prepared to enjoy everything from recipes to products that better protect that hardworking skin. Get dapper with our hair stylist (hair style fee goes to our non-profit partner) or view some of the finest artwork/home decor a man can buy right here from Ohio. 

Food and Cocktails

Purchase, create, demonstrate, and try a variety of food and cocktails. Try an event unique cocktail from the bar.

Self Care

Beard creams be blessed in this male based event. Everything from candles to soap to help complete the full package that is already you.

Art work/Decor

Purchase artwork both "Safe for Work" and "NSFW". Discover the perfect table for your space or even the best sign.

Let us help you FLEX


Compare ticket packages and find the best fit for you.

Regular Entry


Per Person

Changes On 8.30.2019

Basic Entry




Per Person

Changes On 8.30.2019

Early Entry

Specialty Cocktail at Entrance

Special VIP Take-away




Two Person Entry

Goes Live On 8.30.2019

Basic Entry for Two


The Watch and MonoCLE proudly supports Motogo

Motogo is a Cleveland based non-profit that helps bring shop class back to areas that have lost the program via schooling. Help support a future of makers and creatives. {more motogo}