Cats and wine go together so well you can even buy cat wine. At Noreast you can do more than that. We invite you to buy bottles, walk through the cat gallery, bid on some amazing auction items, and leave satisfied.

Majestic and Domestic

We will have wine from not only Ohio (our favorite place ever), but also some unique offerings as well.

Food Served

While looking at the amazing gallery and drinking delicious wines, you can take a stroll down flavorful lane with our selection of light appetizers.

Proceeds go to "Tails From the City"

Tails From the City is a local no kill animal shelter. Every dollar received goes to helping local animals feel good and find their forever home.

The Gallery

We are crowd sourcing our art for the gallery. Pulling from everywhere in the world(if we can).

Cat Art and Wine

 We've combined two of our favorite things "Alcohol" and "Cats" and have provided them a showcase to dazzle the senses without overwhelming the flavor.

We are accepting everything from photos to sculptures of cats. If we get video submissions we will even share those too. We have a contract that protects you the artist and keeps us from taking things and screaming "MINE ALL MINE!" We give credit where credit is due and we even share your images on our social feed as well. It's a digital win win.

More Info


This no kill and all love animal shelter gets proceeds from this event. Even better you can help out in a different way as well. Donations at the door of the any of the following items gets you either an extra drink card or access to special unique wines to the event.

Clorox Wipes

Clean Blankets/Towels

Paper Towels

Garbage Bags

Cat Toys

Wet Cat Food

Early Bird Regular Ticket

8 Samples


$20 (22.75)

Early Bird

VIP Ticket

10 Samples


Take Away Swag

$30 ($33.46)

Buy Em!