We love partnering with non-profits. It puts some good karma back into the world and it also helps us have festivals.

How We Partner

We do as much of the leg work as possible. We gather up auction baskets and do digital promotions for the event. 

What We Take

We only take pre-ticket sales. All at the door sales go to the non-profit. Food involved? We have food trucks donate 10% to the non-profit and we take $0. We take $0 from auction basket sales. $0 From coat checks. $0 dollars, sounds crazy right?

What Do We Want

We just ask that our non-profit partner help us with gaining our licenses. We pay for it and mail it right on out. It's that easy. We expect you to participate at the event and bring along some volunteers.

Why We Do It

We don't want to take money we don't need from the bottom line of the non-profit. We know it isn't always easy being green.